Danielle Wilson, MSW, LGSW

My roots are within the rural community of Pine City.  I have had the joy of experiencing other places and ultimately discovered home is where the heart is.  After my husband and I brought two children into the world I have realized the joy in being close to family and how important ones tribe really is when there are little beings to raise. 

I have recently joined forces with the Monarch team and feel incredibly grateful to work with a group of mothers, wise women, therapists, and friends. I love deeply connecting with others and guiding them through whatever needs to be unraveled, discover what’s underneath each layer, and evaluate those patterns and grooves of our everyday lives.  

Therapy is not just a one size fits all or one single approach to fix all that a person may be struggling with. I  come from an integrative approach which may include, but not limited to self care, art therapy, meditation, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, mindfulness, breathwork and movement. I enjoy getting to know each individual and determining alongside them the methods they want to use to understand more about themselves and/or heal those wounds that have persisted over time.  Striking a healthy balance in life is essential, whether it’s dark and light, hot and cold, giving and receiving, understanding both sides of the scale and redistributing for a healthy balance is a part of the process to becoming whole.

I have veered in many directions with my work throughout life and have crossed paths with some inspiring people that have brought me to where I am now.  I started out joining the military straight out of highschool as Medical Technician in the Air Force Reserves (continuing to serve for the past 14 years). From that point I attended the University of Minnesota in the Twin cities and graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.  I knew I was passionate about mental health and with some many avenues to choose I wasn’t sure where to go. I accepted a job in corrections and worked there for 2 years. After my experience there I knew I wanted to further my education. I attended graduate school at St. Catherine/University of St. Thomas in St. Paul graduating with my Masters in 2016.  

After graduate school I spent 3 years providing therapy services to adults, children, teens, families, foster families, and adoptive families covering a wide range of mental health and family needs.. After developing relationships with others in the field, I found myself moving in the direction of where I am now with Monarch. 

Outside of Monarch Counseling Services I also provide parenting support groups through the Prison Doula Project to incarcerated women at the Pine County Jail. 

What I like to do for fun: Spend time with my family, enjoy the outdoors, especially the North Shore area, making crafts with my girls, reading (hoping to have my own little library), love yoga, meditation and journaling. 

Training I have attended:Trauma Conscious Yoga Method, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, continuing education in art therapy, continuing education in play therapy, 

Current training in the works: Yoga Instructor Training, Certified Personal Trainer.  

“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” 

Maya Angelou


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