Monarch Counseling Service is undergoing the credentialing and contracting for all major insurance providers. A list of our current insurance provider partners is below.

State of Minnesota Medical Assistance


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Plus

Health Partners/Cigna


Preferred One

United Behavioral Health

United Healthcare


Various Employee Assistance Programs

We also have a fee-for-service payment expected at the beginning of our appointment.  First-time office visits are longer (90 minutes) due to assessment, treatment planning or diagnostic evaluations.  Follow-up appointments are generally 45-50 minutes in length.  We do provide a sliding fee scale for those who are limited in their ability to pay our fee.


Despite the best efforts of the client and therapist, it is possible that there may be regression upon implementation of treatment before progress is made.  We will be discussing possible risks associated with treatment (increase in negative behaviors, family/marital discord, suicidal ideation, mitigating circumstances in extended family systems that may lead to violent behavior, etc). Also, the recommendations and their effects are intertwined and difficult to predict (effect of medication on mood or behaviors, effect of family/parental mental or medical issues, client attrition, amount of effort of compliance).  Limits of confidentiality will be reviewed at initial session.

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