Counseling Service

Counselor, therapist, analyst, psychologist, social worker, shrink…. all labels attached to helping professions and I am deeply proud to be a helping professional. I prefer though to describe myself, my role, my way of being of service as: helper, listener, teacher, witness, curious, historian, detective, journeyer, emotional sherpa.

Having sat across from a therapist several times throughout my adult years I find I follow my ‘gut’ sense about the person to determine whether our relationship will be helpful. Finding a good therapist, one you can relate to, who will listen…and help….without judgment…objective and direct…genuine in concern and in caring…is like the cereal aisle at the grocery store. There’s so many varieties, choices and tastes along the long floor-to-ceiling aisle.  Some go for the plain and healthy variety, like Shredded Wheat or Kix some prefer a little sweeter choice, like Honey Nut Cheerios or Frosted Flakes. The important thing is you get what you like, what works for you, what you want to keep choosing week after week.

I may not be the right choice for you; we won’t know until we meet – and it takes a lot of courage to meet with a mental health professional.  Our culture has had a long-standing stigma attached to mental health and illness. We, as a society, have not done well in the past with accepting that at ALL times, in ALL lives, just as our physical health can worsen and need care to recover SO CAN our mental health.  Give yourself permission to recover from the mental and emotional health challenges you are up against right now.  If I’m not the right person to help with that I will help you find a different choice.

A good relationship is built on trust and safety. I will do everything I can to build those with you and most importantly maintain them once they have been built!  I believe in the whole of who people are and can be; mind, body, soul. I work with you to being health to the whole of you. My daily mantra and ‘words to live by’ are: Breathe Deeply, Stay Open, Forgive Often.

If you wish to work together; I’d be honored to serve you. Look over my services and fees and take the next step.

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