Our Vision and Values

Our Vision:

Monarch Counseling Service strives to build connections and relationships with our clients and our communities to bring healing and hope by offering a safe space, an open heart, and a calm listening presence.

Our Values:

Best Practices: The Monarch team believes in utilizing best practices as interventions to support clients in achieving their goals, as well as when working together with our other therapeutic partners and in all of our business operations.

Building Resiliency: The Monarch team believes in building resiliency in their clients and in their clinicians, as strength is necessary for growth and change.

(The) Client-Therapist Alliance: The Monarch team believes in the sacredness of the client-therapist relationship.  The work done to create that space and the healing found in that space is invaluable. Every effort will be made to maintain the client-therapist relationships in our work.

Collaboration: The Monarch team believes that the best work comes from collaboration.  They believe that collaboration can change not only our clients, but our communities.   Other service providers, community partners, and the client’s team come together to bring expertise, ideas, and a path for change.

Listening Presence: The Monarch team believes in being a listening presence.  When you are with any member of our team, you will be with a welcoming and non-judgmental person who is there to offer care, support, and validation.

Promoting Healthy Team Members: The Monarch team believes that in order to do the work that is asked of us, we need to be healthy and strong, both inside and out.  To help support this, the Monarch team believes in supporting the health of every member.  This is accomplished through intentional care, encouraged self-care, and a safe space to reflect and release.

Resource to Our Communities: The Monarch team believes in sharing our knowledge and experience with people in our communities.  We offer consultation and educational trainings, but also act as an immediate available resource for mental health questions and needs.

“Somebody’s Safe Person”: The Monarch team believes in the research that indicates that people can make it through trauma if they feel they have one safe person who cares about them.  We strive to be that for our clients, but also for anyone in need in our communities.  Unconditional support and a smile can bring a feeling of safety to so many.

TEAM: The Monarch team believes that each one of is a vital and imperative member of Monarch Counseling Service.  The company was built on a concept that we “come to the table together.”  The visual of a table depicts the value that there is not a hierarchy, but that each one of us comes together as one.  The Monarch team also strives to keep the table small.  We want to be able to see and hear every member.

Therapy Where It Is Needed Most: The Monarch team believes in offering mental health services to an area that has a mental health disparity.  With so many obstacles to receive services in Pine and Carlton counties, the Monarch team does not want mental health availability in their own community to be another one.  Our company began with an office in Willow River, and will remain in this community to bring healing and hope to our neighbors in need.

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