So I wrote this book….

On June 1st a new book hits the bookshelves. A book on grief I wrote for teens, with teens. The title is Grief Recovery for Teens – Letting Go of Painful Emotions with Body-based Practices. 

I wasn’t intending to write a book, instead I intended to and did present at several workshops on my research in graduate school around how children and teens’ bodies respond to trauma or traumatic events.  We,  in the helping professions, know a lot about how trauma, grief and loss impact the developing emotions and minds of children and teens. But we don’t know as much about how it impacts their bodies.

“My head hurts” or “My stomach aches” or “My heart is breaking” are all things children and teens (as well as adults) say during their grieving times.  Understanding the connections between our bodie’s aches and pains and our emotions and thoughts is something we all need to consider. We walk around in these bodies day in and day out. Our bodies house our brains and our hearts, and yet, we often pay little attention to them.

While presenting at the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health conference I was approached by an acquisitions editor at New Harbinger Publications to consider writing a book on the subject of how teens can recognize and heal their body, mind and heart after a loss. I hadn’t planned on writing a book even though I knew how important the subject matter was, still…me? Write a book? Me, have a book on Amazon? On the shelf at Barnes and Noble? What could I say? Yes!

Nearly two years later, and with the help of the teens I have met at Hearts of Hope, the book is on shelves. I hope it finds its way to the hands of teens who are looking for help along their journey of grief.

The book will be available June 1st, 2017. You can order the book by clicking this link

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